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Wadding Special Offers

Wadding Special Offers

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NOTE: See description below for condition of each item


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We have a huge shed full of wadding and often we have a big clear out of odd sizes that are in fine condition but come in all sorts of nonstandard sizes and cuts.

I'm always updating this page with deals that are heavily discounted but perfect for all of your crafting and quilting projects.

These are one-offs so grab them quick before they're gone!

Please note:
Images do not represent your final products, contact me for more detail about specific items.

Special Offer Conditions:

  1. 100% Cotton | 125cm x  125cm
  2. Wool/Poly 60/40 | 1.6m X 40cm
  3. Upholstery 100% wool | .8m x 1.6m
  4. Superpuff 100% wool 80 X 210cm
  5. 100% Cotton | 2.3m x 2m 
  6. 50/50 wool/cotton 2.9m x 2.1m
  7. Mixed Wadding Pieces | Price Per 900grams
  8. 100% Wool | 4.5kg 350gsm - Off cuts in small sections good for filling
  9. 50/50 wool/cotton 2.1m x 2.4m
  10.  350gsm 100% wool lighter needling | 5m x 1.6m
  11. 100% Wool | 5kg off cuts 350gsm - Good for felting, good sized pieces equivalent to 5+ metres.
  12. 50/50 wool/cotton | 4.8m x 2.1m
  13. Superpuff 70 x 210 cm



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