About our Wadding

Our wadding, also known as batting feels amazingly soft to handle so finishing your quilt is as enjoyable as making and designing the cover.

Wool Valley Wadding comes in seven different blends to suit your desired quilt design, varying in loft and weight.

Our wool comes from our own organic sheep and other local Victorian sheep farms, organic where possible.

Our cotton is Australian grown in Queensland. It is natural, not bleached or chemically treated.

We originally started producing the super fluffy 100% wool wadding from our own Suffolk flock, specifically for friends in the futon and doona business - our range now extended to wadding for quilts.

Discount available for bulk orders.

Benefits of our Wadding

  • Buy directly from the farm
  • Australian grown
  • Victorian made
  • Price Competitive
  • Discount for bulk
  • Save time: with 2.1m wide rolls fits most quilts Stock on hand
  • 190-250gsm - Thicker than other products on the market 

These products are natural and unbleached; The cotton is seed and vegetable matter free but some coloured streaks are a natural part of this wadding.

Washing instructions

Hand washing in cold water for all your quilts and in a phosphate-free soap or wool wash. Slight shrinkage is normal and accentuates the quilting. For a flatter quilt preshrink wadding; wash before you put in the quilt. Or if you want the stitching to be accentuated by the slight shrinkage wash after.

Our Wadding

Natural Wadding

Wool Valleys wadding, also known as batting feels amazingly soft to handle...