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I originally started Wool Valley on my farm in Clarkefield while my children were young. Hopefully inspiring them with my entrepreneurial spirit and a deep respect for the environment and a love of animals and wildlife.

Wool Valley has grown over the years and it is incredibly satisfying seeing last year's wool made into this year's doonas. Plus, making a natural and luxurious product to sleep under, which is also good for the planet, is very rewarding.

Being Australian-made is also another issue that is important to me. So being able to supply a growing number of small manufacturers and local artists with wool is another satisfying aspect of Wool Valley.

We supply handcrafted natural furniture manufacturers, doll makers, quilters, bedding companies, handmade top-end audio speakers, bolsters, animal rugs, the list goes on.

It is so lovely to see people's creativity and ingenuity with a natural product like wool. With my move to Woodend, I hope to bring more awareness of our unique renewable resource, grown here in Victoria. Wool!

cheers Colita


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