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Organic Mid-Season Doona

Organic Mid-Season Doona

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Introducing our Mid-Season Organic Wool Duvet: The Perfect Balance of Comfort and Coziness

  • Year-round Comfort: Our Mid-Season Organic Wool Doona strikes the perfect balance between a summer and winter option, ensuring comfort throughout the year.

  • Cozy without Weight: Enjoy a cozy cocoon without feeling heavy or stifled. Our Organic Wool Doona provides insulation without compromising comfort.

  • Ideal for Warm Sleepers: Designed to suit warm sleepers, this doona also offers added warmth during colder seasons, adapting to your sleep needs.

  • Ethical and Sustainable: We prioritize sustainability by sourcing our certified organic wool from ethically raised sheep, promoting animal welfare and a healthier planet.

  • Superior Sleep Quality: Experience the natural properties of our Organic Wool Doona. Its breathability regulates temperature and wicks away moisture, while hypoallergenic qualities resist dust mites and allergens.

  • Luxuriously Soft: Indulge in the softness of our doona. The premium organic wool filling is encased in an organic cotton cover, providing a gentle touch for a restorative sleep experience.

  • Create a Serene Sleep Environment: Choose our Organic Wool Doona for a serene and eco-friendly sleep environment. Elevate your comfort and embrace sustainability.

  • Invest in Your Well-being: Experience the difference in your sleep routine. Invest in high-quality organic wool bedding for ultimate comfort and a healthier sleep experience.

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Feel the difference

Just wait until you touch our wadding in your hands or wrap a super soft organic wool doona around you...

Simply natural... it just FEELS different.