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Scoured Downs Wool

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Our Scoured Downs Wool has been treated with biodegradable detergent to remove grease and dirt from the fleece.

It's 28 Micron which means it's nice and springy making it the perfect filling for pillows, toy stuffing or for your craft project needs.

To achieve high-quality great feeling wool during scouring the key is to remove almost all of the different types of dirt and grease while making sure entanglement of the fibres and felting is minimised.

If the wool does become too felted or entangled then it leads to a greater chance of fibre breakage during the later stages of crafting. Which means poor wear and tear in the final products.

Please note: that due to minimal processing it may have some vegetable matter.

Prices start from $17.50/kg and are cheaper the more you buy.



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Feel the difference

Just wait until you touch our wadding in your hands or wrap a super soft organic wool doona around you...

Simply natural... it just FEELS different.