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50/50 Wool/Cotton Wadding

50/50 Wool/Cotton Wadding

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Introducing our exquisite blend of 100% Natural Cotton and Victorian unbleached wool. Soft as a cloud, this exceptional product offers a delightful working experience for your crafting needs. Crafted from natural materials, it ensures excellent breathability, providing the utmost comfort.

With a weight of 200-250gsm, our wadding surpasses other options available in the market, offering you a more substantial and luxurious feel. What sets this product apart is its meticulous manufacturing process, ensuring it is free of any vegetable matter, delivering unparalleled quality.

To save on postage costs, this versatile product can be conveniently shipped alongside any other orders in a single package. Enhance your crafting experience with our exceptional and unique blend.

  • Premium blend of 100% Natural Cotton and Victorian unbleached wool.
  • Soft as a cloud, providing a luxurious and comfortable working experience.
  • Exceptional breathability, perfect for projects that require great airflow.
  • The heavier weight of 200-250gsm surpasses other wadding options on the market.
  • Meticulously crafted to be free of any vegetable matter, ensuring top-notch quality.
  • No polyester scrim
  • 2 - 2.1m wide
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Feel the difference

Just wait until you touch our wadding in your hands or wrap a super soft organic wool doona around you...

Simply natural... it just FEELS different.