Reality check!

Reality check!

Over the last two years Rob and I have separated after a 29 year relationship, I’ve taken over running and maintaining the farm and expanding the online business and workshops and raising my family. We had our beautiful granddaughter born and I fell in love and started a relationship with a beautiful man that I’ve had a crush on for years.

I was superwoman up until December when my Gareth, my wonderful man was hit by a car and killed while cycling. I have experienced grief before; my parents are dead, but nothing like this. I have been totally floored.

I am just able to do the absolute minimum. My kids have been amazing and have taken over running the house and some of the farm jobs, but I am in the process of re-evaluating my life.

This year there will be no organic box delivery, no Village continuum especially as they still haven’t paid and no tiny house workshops.

Hailey is running a few workshops so check these out on the workshop page and Hailey is also helping me to make doonas and pillows.

The wadding is still also available and Madelaine is still running Madelaine’s eggs.

As of the 1st March GST will be added to all products. So save yourself 10% and order in February.

If you do email or call me and I don’t respond straight away. I’m sorry, just know I’m probably having a bad day.

Cheers Colita


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