My new farm

My new farm

I am finally on my new farm just near Woodend! The views are amazing of the mountain and some of the trees on my place are ancient with lots of nesting burrows. I am yet to see who lives there. There are lots of kangaroos and I even have a wombat that mows my lawn at night!  It’s not HB but I’m making it home.

My little flock of sheep arrived yesterday and my milking goats are settling into their new home. I have had my thing scattered across the region and I am finally getting it all in one place. 

This is actually the first time I have lived on my own, I have always had family and community around me, so it’s quite a novel experience. Luckily so far I have had family, friends and my grandchildren come to stay.

We have a beautiful studio to make doonas and pack orders. I am also excited to experiment with some new wool fabric and hopefully I will have time to find some raw cleaned cotton again. So if you are ever in the area please come and visit. 

We will post some photos on social media soon!

SHIPPING: I have had a few problems with shipping this last few months, Australia posted has started cubing my parcels which makes the large ones to rural Australia outrageously expensive. I have tried multiple apps to give a variety of options, but many freight companies don’t like large parcels even if they are light in weight.  So I have been using Aramex for quite a few orders. The problem is that they can be slow, but they are much cheaper. If you are buying large orders and are happy with a slower delivery please message me for a freight quote. 

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