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Introduction To Our Hormonal Cycles And Herbs 24th March 2018


Introduction To Our Hormonal Cycles And Herbs 24th March 2018

"Every breath is a giveaway dance between you and the plants'"
-Susan Weed

Saturday 24th March 10am -4pm

This exciting new workshop is aimed at exploring our hormonal system and cycles, and connecting these natural rhythms with supporting herbs and practices.

What to expect: Herbal tea infusions, basics of the anatomy and physiology of the endocrine system. Male/ female cycles and holistic alternatives to common ailments. Botanical identification of herbs and DIY tinctures. 
Location: The beautiful Hollyburton farm, only 40 mins from Melbourne. Participants will be introduced to the wild medicines growing on the property, and have a chance to explore the permaculture food systems and land.

Hailey Scott is a qualified Naturopath and yoga instructor who grew up at Hollyburton farm. She is passionate about educating people on health  and promoting natural lifestyles. She has been traveling the world running workshops and deepening her own practices.

She has recently been researching the link between menstruation and bone health/overall health and combining it with information on herbs and nutrition. She will be leading a discussion on the relevance of western medicine and how complementary practices can integrate in the future.

Lily Aagren is a herbalist and permaculturist from Victoria. She has a background in native plant propagation and has been growing her own food since she was young. She now lives in a tiny house which she built and travels around collecting herbs, making them into tinctures and running workshops. She has been working for the last few months in Tasmania at Goulds Apocethary's herb farm, and is excited to share her new plant allies.

Price: $80. We have a free ticket available for students, in exchange for a work trade. Please apply to l.aagren93@gmail.com



All materials provided + light lunch. Please bring a plate to share and a note pad and paper. Participants will receive links to relevant future resources and a handmade booklet, so don't worry if you aren't a note taker!

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