Wool Valley

Viscose wadding



This wadding can be used for quilts, upholstery and/or heat blown into padding or sculptures for the fashion industry or for art pieces. 

I have a short run of Viscose available. This is a controversial product, as it could be quiet environmental when it is made from the by-products of bamboo, soy and sugar cane but in most of the world, it is made from the ‘cellulose’ of wood pulp from fast-growing, regenerative trees such as eucalyptus, beech and pine. This cellulose material is then dissolved in a caustic soda to alkali and purify it to produce a pulpy viscous substance, which is then spun into fibres that can then be made into threads.

I have unsuccessfully tried to find the source of this product, but thought I would see what you thought of it.


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