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Hollyburton is a NASAA Certified Organic Farm in the Macedon Ranges just outside Melbourne spanning 440 acres. We produce Organic Beef, Organic Lamb, Organic Chicken, Organic Eggs and free-range pork.
Our 40 cows are a mixture of Angus and Murray Greys. They are moved every two days in a rotated grazing system around our farm. It takes 3 months to go around the farm. This is better for the cattle in regards to choice feed and better on the land. After 15 years of this system working the improvement in the diverse species of grasses and the health of the animals is prevalent.
Our 120 white Suffolk sheep have the best native volcanic grasslands and creek flats to graze. They always have shade in extremely hot weather.
Our free-range pigs have large paddocks to graze, we feed them a mix of brewers grain and hay, and a vegetarian pig mix plus we sow mixed crops of barley, lupins, turnips and oats when we can. Bolinda creek supplies our farm with fresh water for our animals and is only a few kilometres from its spring source in the mountains. With 440 acres at our disposal, we focus on quality over quantity with animals having substantially large paddocks than is required for the animals to free-range. Happy, content and stress-free animals equate to far tastier organic meat and environmental care.
The abattoir we use is certified organic which means the animals are not washed down with chlorine or chemicals jeopardizing the meat and their yards are washed with biodegradable detergent. The butcher delivering your cuts of meat is also organic and ensures the greatest care of your meat with no use of chemicals.
We only do seasonal meat
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