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Well as some of you might know I lost my farm to my ex, so all my animals have either been agisted or sold until I find a new place to call home.

Below is a list of people who have bought mini pigs to breed and who will have piglets soon.  

Daniel and Sarah in Monagetta 0488360591

Lisa near Hamilton. lemon.cartwheels@gmail.com

Millie and James in Gherang 0490062271

Justin near Enfield  0422324438 

Claire at woodline primary in Ceres. 0409654282

Mini Pet Pigs - I breed Mini Pet Pigs for 26 years and loved it, they are so intelligent and funny. Mini Pigs are small pigs but a large responsibility as they can love for up to 24 years. Read our Mini pig owner manual to see if they suit you. 


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