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Where can I buy organic meat direct from farm in Melbourne?

Where can I buy organic meat direct from farm in Melbourne?
We see this question all the time online and shows how far we've come from buying local produce to whatever supermarkets choose to put in front of us. We want to bring back farm to plate.

Death of the butcher shop

We've completely lost touch with the origin of meat and produce in a swift trade-off for convenience. With local butcher shops on the decline due to customers opting for the convenience of all in one big chain supermarkets, we've lost the relationship we once had with our supply chain, replacing the intricate knowledge of a local butcher and their carefully curated cuts for nutrient devoid plastic-wrapped meat from nameless industrial farms. We have witnessed over the past 24 years in our local area of Clarkefield, Riddell's Creek, Macedon and Romsey the rise of chains and the slow death of independent butchers. Supermarkets provide to you as a customer what is profitable, not what is best for health. If you care about you and your families health, rebuild relationships with local farmers and butchers - if there is one - and support them where possible. It's worth the investment.

From farm to plate

At Hollyburton we try to not only raise and produce the best NASAA certified organic, grass-fed, free-ranging meat available in Melbourne but also look to educate at the same time. In order to spend the extra money for organic meat, you have to be able to see and taste the difference? If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you will see that our animals have the luxury of 440 acres of lush Victorian hilly grassland to explore whilst grazing every day. We regularly host farm tours in order to show people how the farm is run and why it's essential to raise animals in superior organic standards to be as healthy and nutritious as possible.

Can I buy meat from Hollyburton Farm?

  • Hollyburton meat is NASAA certified organic.
  • Our livestock has free range of 440 grassy acres.
  • We deliver directly to your doorstep
  • We have a box system with 5kg and 10kg boxes delivered every 3 months
  • Mixed cuts so that you can feed the whole family throughout the week.
  • Individually packed and labelled so you can freeze or keep in your fridge easily.
  • Satisfaction in knowing exactly where your meat came from.

If you want to read more about our organic meat and how to buy it head over to our Organic Food page. 

If you have any questions at all about what's available, delivery and more then please email colita@hollyburton.com.au or phone (03) 5428 5332.

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