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Melbourne's best organic meat, delivered direct to your door.

Melbourne's best organic meat, delivered direct to your door.

Hollyburton Organic Meat Box delivery to Melbourne are available to order 3 times a year. You can make a purchase of a 5KG or 10KG box through our website and when the animal is ready we will deliver it directly to you. How's that for farm to plate?

Is Hollyburton Meat Organic?

Our farm is certified organic by NASAA and we've owned the 440 acres for over 24 years. Animals get free range of all the pastures eating a varied organic and natural diet. The abattoir we use is certified organic which means the animals are not washed down with chlorine or chemicals jeopardizing the meat and their yards are washed with biodegradable detergent. The butcher delivering your cuts of meat is also organic and ensures the greatest care of your meat with no use of chemicals.

From our farm to your plate.

You receive the freshest meat delivered directly to your door from Hollyburton. We are a working farm and not a butcher shop so as soon as the animals are ready and healthy they will be sent to you - not left waiting around in a butcher shop or in transport.

Your Family meals planned ahead.

With our 5KG and 10KG boxes on offer, you get a wide range of your favorite cuts ready for your next meal. If you email colita@hollyburton.com.au with the number of family members you have we can make sure you have enough of each cut. 

What's in each box?

Inside each box, you will find a range of prime cuts and also some everyday cuts. We make the boxes as even as possible so everyone gets the best! Don't have a large family? Why not share with friends or freeze it to last.

When do you deliver?

Once we have the orders and the animals are ready (usually every 3-4 months) we usually deliver on the Sunday of that week. If you are not going to be around we ask that you leave an eski / cool box with ice outside your door and we can still make the delivery.

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